Trendspotting: Indy readies for Super Bowl XLVI

Congratulations Indianapolis, host to the Super Bowl XLVI!  We Heartland Gardeners discovered this super city in August when we toured gardens at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, community gardens and other sites while attending the Garden Writers Association symposium.  Check out this post from the Indianapolis Museum of Art blogger Jenny Anderson. 

Super Bowl XLVI: More than a Football Game

Jan 26 2012

It’s hard to believe that it has been almost four years since Indianapolis was selected to host the 46th Super Bowl. For most of us, the Super Bowl has some sort of yearly tradition tied to it. We get together with friends, indulge ourselves, laugh at a few commercials and watch a football game. It’s one day, maybe two with a lingering hangover, and one event.

For a host city, the Super Bowl is much more than this.

Super Bowl XLVI
Pictured left to right, from the IMA’s permanent collection: Untitled, plate 8, Garo Z. Antreasian, 1969. © Garo Antreatsian; Letter L, Edward Lear, about 1862; Double V, 1978; Double Shaft Pen Holder, Asian.


Like many of its predecessors, Indianapolis has transformed in preparation for its countless visitors. From new hotels, to temporary businesses, street improvements and hours upon hours of logistical planning, the Super Bowl Committee has worked hard to prepare our city for its big day. But when those temporary businesses close and the zip line is taken down, what will our city be left with? Lots.

2,012 Trees Program According to the Alliance for Community Trees, More Trees = Less Crime. In an effort to maximize the community impact (not to mention environmental impact) of additional trees, the Super Bowl Host Committee aimed to plant 2,012 trees by 2012. Not only did the Committee succeed in generating early excitement for the Super Bowl, but they surpassed their goal, planting 2,876.

Indy Super Cure Did you know that 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer? Did you also know that Indianapolis is home of the world’s only known tissue bank that collects healthy breast tissue for cancer research?  Extending a nod to the city’s leadership in health and life sciences, the Super Bowl committee has teamed up with the Susan G. Komen Tissue Bank to develop Indy Super Cure. The goal of Super Cure is to raise awareness and increase donations to the tissue bank, while also raising money. Super Cure has surpassed their million-dollar fund raising goal but is working to collect 700 tissue donations in the weekend leading up to the Super Bowl XLVI. You can learn how to donate here.

Super Baskets of Hope Super Bowl hosts cities have a long history of service projects, but Super Baskets of Hope will be the first to extend its reach nationwide. Beginning on January 30, gift-filled baskets will be put together for 7,000 hospitalized children in each of America’s 32 NFL cities. The Riley Children’s Foundation, the Basket of Hope program, and Tony Dungy have partnered on this effort, recruiting NFL players, coaches, and volunteers to then hand deliver the baskets.

46 for XLVI Spear headed by the Arts Council of Indianapolis, 46 for XLVI ‘sought to elevate the arts and culture of our city.’ Supported by partnering institutions (including the City of Indianapolis) and a team of talented muralists, the project resulted in 46 new public murals throughout the city’s neighborhoods (you can search the murals map here). So next time you’re walking on Mass Ave. and Kurt Vonnegut greets you with a smile, you’ll hopefully smile back in reflection of this city, its partnerships and the lasting impact of one football game.

Be proud Indianapolis.

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