Book Notes: Home Orchard Handbook

The Home Orchard Handbook: A Complete Guide to Growing Your Own Fruit Trees Anywhere   by Cem Akin and Leah Rottke, 2011, Quarry Books, Quayside Publishing Group.  Retail: $24.95

Reviewed by Debra Knapke

Harvesting the fruit that you grew is an extremely satisfying late summer and fall garden task.  The Home Orchard Handbook provides clear, concise information on how to create and maintain an orchard. You will understand why a tree succeeds or fails in your garden. You will know which fruits you can grow in your area and you will be able to select healthy, vigorous plants.  For specific cultivars and fruit varieties check in with your local extension agents and garden centers.

Growing fruit is a time-consuming undertaking as you establish the trees, but there is a rhythm to the care and feeding of an orchard that puts you in touch with the cycle of the growing season.  The authors have focused on cultural practices that should lessen the need for pesticides. However, many fruit trees are susceptible to a host of animal pests and diseases.  Three charts summarize the possible problems and biological and organic controls that are available.  More information follows to help you deal with the problems that crop up.

The Home Orchard Handbook has a global focus.  It was written by the executive director and a volunteer arborist of The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation.  The Foundation’s mission is to create sustainable orchards all over the world, and its effort is supported by the sale of this beautiful and useful book.

Take a look.  Even if you don’t create your own orchard, it may inspire you to help others.

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