Good Eats: Roasted Collards and Carrots

Posted March 19:

Here on the last day of winter, Teresa and Michael are delighting in their latest garden harvests.  Teresa dug winter carrots that she sowed last fall, and Michael’s been enjoying a covered row of collards through this mild winter.  Now, they just need Debra to create a good recipe with the two ingredients.  For next season, they’re making more plans for multiple crops.  Michael has a cold frame ready to plant tomato seeds, and Teresa recently planted peas and lettuce seeds.  What vegetables are you planting this spring?

Debra’s Response:  Most of the Midwest has experienced a very moderate winter with respect to temperature.  The collards and carrots that Michael and Teresa are enjoying have a sweetness to them that is born of being frosted, but not frozen.  Today, while planting peas, I noticed that our kale has resprouted from the stems that I cut back last month after we harvested, what I thought, was our last kale.  It has been a most surprising winter!

For a quick yet very satisfying side dish, try roasting carrots and collards.  Again, I’m offering a free-form recipe; a cooking technique rather than a specific dish.

 Roasted Collards and Carrots

Preheat the oven to 425°.

Scrub or peel the carrots, 2-3 per person depending on the size, and slice them into 1 ½” pieces

Toss with 1-2 TBS of olive oil – I use Extra Virgin – and herbs of your choice.  One of my favorite combinations is dill, shallot pepper (from Penzy’s) and salt.

Spread the carrots out on a roasting pan.  About pans: I have round deep steel pans and stoneware baking sheet pans.  Both are great.

Roast for ~25 minutes or until you see the carrots starting to carmelize.

While the carrots are roasting, wash and chop the collards (or kale) into 1-2” pieces.

When the carrots are at where you want them, toss the collards on top, mix quickly, and cook for 5 minutes.  The collards will slightly crisp and take on a toasty flavor.

An optional addition: toss some sesame seeds on top of the vegetables when you remove them from the oven.


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