Book Notes: Energy-Wise

Energy-Wise Landscape Design: a New Approach for your Home and Garden – Sue Reed, New Society Publishers, BC, Canada, 2010.

Reviewed by Debra Knapke

Sustainability, conserving energy and organic are the buzzwords of our time.  And many claims of new techniques and products follow as communicators – writers, marketers, etc. – rush to support these concepts.  While I am skeptical about claims of new approaches, I do appreciate constructive, concrete information on being energy-wise.

If you are creating your first garden or are reworking what you have, this book can guide your every step from designing a landscape to constructing it.  All along the continuum of garden construction to garden maintenance, Sue Reed offers solid advice for the big picture such as constructing new home sites;  and for the details such as construction hints, new products, water use, lighting the landscape and more.  There are numerous sidebars that explain underlying concepts that are sometimes “black holes” in a gardener’s understanding of the many aspects of gardening and garden-making.  I have other books that contain this information, but the focus of this book is loud and clear.  You need to attend to the energy aspect of your home and garden.  It not only conserves the world’s resources,  it’s just plain, good sense.

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