Good Eats: Berry-cherry cobbler bars

By Teresa Woodard

I was delighted to return home from a visit to my sister’s in Alabama to find ripe cherries and black raspberries in our backyard.  Yes, the bluejays beat me to several of the cherries, and I always forget the chore of pitting the fruits, but I gathered enough to try in a new recipe.  It’s one I flagged in the recent issue of Southern Living which I fittingly read on the porch of my southern sister’s lake house.  While the recipe called for blackberries and peaches, I swapped those fruits for cherries and black raspberries.  The bars were a fun alternative to a traditional cobbler recipe.  Plus, pre-cutting the bars helped with portion control and made them easily portability.  They were so simple to grab and go for a breakfast treat on the way to our son’s baseball game.  Click here for the Southern Living recipe.

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