Spring Countdown: 15 days

By Debra Knapke

I’m Late, I’m Late!!  Like the White Rabbit in Alice of Wonderland, I’m running around trying to catch up – already.  Usually, Tony and I have ordered and received our seeds by now.  What happened to the winter… oh, yeah, shoveling snow.

I just ordered some seeds from Renee’s Seeds, several new, to me.  I can already imagine the flavors of summer and fall:  baked sweet miniature Honey Nut winter squash with sautéed Darkibor kale on the side complemented with a salad made of Gala mache, Black Cherry tomatoes and heirloom mesclun greens.

tomato basil combo crop resize 3


My garden, several years ago.  I look at this picture this time of the year
to remember and say to myself: soon, soon …


One response to “Spring Countdown: 15 days

  1. barb House

    I am enjoying your countdown to Spring! I need it!

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