Spring Countdown: 14 days


This will be one of those “list” posts: books I have to read before the spring gardening season starts…

There are more books to read than I have time: luscious slice of life stories, philosophical tomes, science-based books that increase my knowledge and practical how-to-garden books.  And, I have a problem.   While I’m reading one book,  I will find another book  – or two or three – that I have to read.  I have the pictured books all partly read, now I have to find the time to finish them.

Richard Louv’s book, The Nature Principle, caught my attention through the quote on the back:  “Imagine a world where we’re as immersed in nature as we are in technology, where we come to our senses, where we feel more alive.”  This time of year finds me yearning to get back into the garden.  This book speaks to this need.

How can you not read a book entitled Chanterelle Dreams, Amanita Nightmares?  I have always been intrigued by the fruiting bodies of fungi.  Their forms, colors and life histories are fascinating.

Teaming with Nutrients is a follow-up book to Jeff Lowenfels’s book, Teaming with Microbes. His second book promises to be just as informative as his first, and I intend to incorporate some of his information into my Plant Sciences class at Columbus State.

The Forest Unseen was a gift.  Imagine sitting and looking at a small patch of ground and thinking about all the influences and interactions that led to its appearance and its continuation.  Now write it all down in a journal.  I just finished February.  I’m trying to read this book along with the unfolding of this year, so I will not finish this book before March 21st.

The last book is a seasonal, herbal journey through the year.  I think I will dip and sip as I need the different topics that it offers.  Its intent is similar to The Nature Principle in that it invites you to bring nature into your life through the celebration of the cycle of the year.

So, maybe they all don’t have to be finished by March 21st… thank goodness!

2 responses to “Spring Countdown: 14 days

  1. Debra Knapke

    Dear Readers – the picture was not posted; don’t you love glitches? It will be added later.

  2. July Hays

    Intriguing booklist! I’m going to check them out, thanks!

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