Garden to Drive For: Inniswood

Heartland Gardening was delighted to have high school senior Abby Fullen assist with our blog this spring.  Thanks to her writing, photography, copy editing, layout and researching help, we were able to offer the Spring Countdown and several additional posts.  We congratulate Abby on her upcoming graduation from Hilliard Davidson High School and wish her the best as she continues the next chapter of her life (hopefully filled with plenty of her writing).

Enjoy this final post by Abby.  She spent an afternoon at Inniswood Metro Gardens in Westerville, Ohio.  This 123-acre park once was the estate of sisters Grace and Mary Innis and today is cared for by a dedicated team of volunteers.  Inniswood boasts more than 2,000 species of plants, specialty collections and several theme gardens including a herb garden, rose garden, woodland rock garden and delightful children’s garden. In fact, the garden will be one of the featured excursions for the 22nd annual National Children & Youth Gardening Symposium in Columbus, Ohio, July 17-19.  Plus, our own blogger Debra Knapke is one of its biggest fans as a past curator of the herb garden, former president of the Inniswood Garden Society and a member of the Design Committee for the Sisters Garden, 10 years ago.

Click here for Abby’s pictorial essay.

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  1. There are two streams originating from a spring at Inniswood. If I recall correctly, the spring itself is behind the fence. Alas their woods were also poisoned in the 50s, but not as bad as some of the others. This was probably an attempt to keep it hidden away in a protected place. There are probably other interesting things nearby. It would be nice to find the sister’s library.

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