Cincinnati Flower Show: Back in Bloom

10 Don’t Miss Stops at the New Riverfront Location

By Teresa Woodard and Michael Leach

From fabulous table settings to window boxes to jaw-dropping display gardens, the Cincinnati Flower Show’s long awaited rebirth in a new venue won’t disappoint. The horticultural magic is as powerful as ever.

Set in white-tented splendor in a downtown riverfront park, the show blossoms between the wide, brown Ohio River and condo and office towers. The colorful oasis caused our jaws to drop more than once as we wandered Tuesday morning with wonderful hosts Kevin O’Dell and Marie Huenefeld.  The event opens today and runs through Sunday, April 19.

Here are 10 things we suggest you see or do:

1. Cincinnati landmarks interpreted in elegant table settings. For instance, Fountain Square suggested in frothy, white orchids spilling from a multi-tier container. The focal point in this tent is a small dining table with crystal chandelier overhead that looks like a magazine cover shot.fountain square20150414_111241_001

2. Less elaborate but no less appealing are the window boxes and hanging baskets played out in visually appealing — and practical — combos of plants. In the same vein are containers and miniature gardens.

IMG_5447Jungle container

3. Shopping is back, too. Be sure to check out Vintage Revival’s jewelry from beloved china patterns.Jewelery vendor

And of course you can buy plants of the most unusual nature and favorites, too.

We also spotted a different take on garden flamingos — a small stone for the body, and black wrought metal outlining legs, neck and head. Not for everyone, but they brought a smile.

4. Display gardens in all sizes and styles, from a penthouse terrace to a Findlay Market of yesteryear, complete with antique wooden boxes, bare, clear light bulbs and seedings in tiny peat pots. One tent features display gardens created by Cincinnati horticultural stops including world renown Spring Grove Cemetery, which shows off some of the plants it has introduced to the horticultural market.

Findlay market

5. Pigs flying and otherwise can be found in all shapes and sizes, a natural for a city once nicknamed Porkopolis due to the number of slaughter houses. See if the kids can count all the pigs they see.20150414_115445

6. Children will find programs just for them and planting opportunities. There’s a display inspired by a rooftop garden at school near the heart of town.IMG_5457

7. Plenty of learning opportunities with guest speakers including P. Allen Smith and Jon Carloftis.


8. Impossible to miss are really big containers of pink petunias hanging from poles and sitting atop posts. These plants, donated by Proven Winners, give the park a festive, party atmosphere.20150414_122535

9. Inspiring garden ideas including our host’s own garden design.

10. A post-event plant sale

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