App My Garden Fitness

By Teresa Woodard

I wish I had a garden fitness app.  You know, one that tracks the number of weeds pulled, the pounds of soil turned, the yards of mulch spread, the linear feet of shrubs trimmed or the number of branches pruned.  Call it MapMyGarden, DigMyMuscles or WeedtoWin.

In spring, my charts would climb as I eagerly dive into a new growing season.  The numbers would likely peak in May, when I, like so many other gardeners, work double-time to keep up with never-ending chore lists.  This summer’s rains certainly made it tougher to stay ahead of the vigorous, multiplying weeds.

However, the stats this time of year would likely take a big drop when my enthusiasm wanes.   As the temperatures soar and mosquitos swarm, I definitely could use a fitness app’s pep talk to stay the course and finish the season strong. And maybe a on-line coupon for repellant.

Perhaps, the app could translate all my gardening activities into calories burned or muscles built.  I might even reward my efforts with an extra scoop of ice cream on a bowl of cherry crisp or not feel so bad about slathering a fresh ear of corn with a layer of butter.

App or no app, I do know the garden is a “free gym” that offers the benefits of exercise plus beautiful foliage and flowers, fresh air, a dose of the sunshine’s vitamin D and stress relief by connecting with the great outdoors. Besides, it’s in my own backyard.

One response to “App My Garden Fitness

  1. July Hays

    Well stated, Theresa! We gardeners often think about this and it is nice to see it so well expressed.

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