Snapshots: Michael’s Daffodils

Leach curbHello, Yellow!  Golden Daffodils and Trim Add Plenty of Curb Appeal

By Teresa Woodard

Our fellow blogger Michael Leach definitely has a green thumb, and his gardening efforts this month are showing some golden results! At his home southwest of Columbus, Michael planted hundreds of daffodils around the family farmhouse where he grew up as a child and returned in 1988 to make his own and transform the gardens. Check out these recent snapshots of his spring paradise.Daffodils and old maple tree

Century-old maple trees were planted by Michael’s uncles who built the home in 1890.Back edge of propertyMore daffodils frame the rear view of Michael’s property.

Mixed bulbs by back steps Michael creates many charming vignettes like this mix of bulbs at the back steps and a spring container arrangement at the yellow garage door.Yellow garage door Rear view of home Rear view of home

Original farmhouse trough An original trough from the farmhouse

Magnolia bloom Garage and back doorSide entry

Front walk with scillaSide walkway

Buck decorated seasonallyThanks for sharing your garden, Michael!


Spring Countdown: 12 days


By Teresa Woodard; photo by Janet McCune

The daffodil bulbs are just emerging in my backyard, but a story that I wrote about this lovely Dayton daffodil display and garden party for Midwest Living is now on the newsstands.  Here, a 1-1/2 acre hillside is planted with some 140,000 daffodil bulbs, primarily the classic trumpet varieties like Carlton, Fortissimo, Fortune, Unsurpassable and Dutch Master. The gracious couple invites guests to an afternoon party to celebrate spring and enjoy (and pick) the daffodils.  Check out the online version of the story for party ideas, including daffodil cookies, bouquets and menu.

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