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bloggers pic.jpgHere are your Heartland Gardening bloggers (from left to right).

Michael Leach, who worked 14 years as the garden writer for a leading Midwestern daily newspaper,  continues to write garden stories, gives gardening talks, coaches other gardeners and volunteers as a master gardener.  Debra Knapke, aka “The Garden Sage”, is a horticulturist, educator, lecturer, author and new grandmother.    Teresa Woodard, also a master gardener, contributes home and garden stories to regional and national gardening magazines. She is a judge with America in Bloom.

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  1. Sheryl Capelli

    I live in Va. My knockout roses were transplanted 2 years ago in a sunny area. I am concerned they are diseased. How can I tell? thanks Sheryl Capelli

  2. Debra Knapke

    My first question is: why do you think they are diseased? What are the symptoms? Roses can have a number of problems (although the Knock-Outs are one of the better disease resistant roses), and trying to answer your question without knowing what you have observed would be like trying to write a book. I would be happy to try to answer your question, but I need a couple of clues. — Debra

  3. Robbie Robinson (Clemson Master Gardener)

    Debra Knapke
    I just saw your blog and it’s good to see you are still highly involved with horticulture promotion. As a former student I too am rather active (although I’m 70 and feeling it) in gardening on my 1/4 acre backing up to a sizeable swamp (not a marsh) in SC. I have vegetable garden and garden year around; nothing tastes better than late winter carrots freshly pulled from the ground–no hard freezes here!
    What do I have here that I didn’t have in Ohio?;Pindo, Washington and Palmetto palms, rosemary, Japanese aucuba, hardy orange (Poncirus trifoliate–non-edible) and camellias etc.
    Ya’all come down and see us sometime.
    Oh yes, I’m a 3X grandparent. Congrats, it’s great isn’t it!

  4. Debra

    Robbie!!! so nice to hear from you. And, we have three grandchildren (now), too. A lot is going on and yes, horticulture is a very large part of my life; after family. I envy you the year-round glory of rosemary and camellias. And… Poncirus is edible: used as a medicinal in China, the rind is candied and I think the juice has been used to make jelly.

    wishing you a beautiful and healthy holiday season.

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